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Linlithgow Climate Challenge 2018 Headlines

  • More economic hardship forces energy off the Brexit agenda
  • Economies leaning towards more lenient climate policies
  • UK public indifferent to greenhouse gasses in 2018


Updated article on the vitamins you need for hair loss that are environmentally friendly.

We published an article on how to pass the 11+ entrance exam here.

Climate Change Updates June 2018

On the 26th June 2018, half of the EU member stats have backed much stronger action on worldwide climate change reform. This is a fantastic change of heart, and should be fully committed by 2020. The green growth group have asked the states to bring up this change in the next United Nations meeting, probably hoping that it will put pressure on the American government.

Outdoor Furniture for 2018 (UK Company Garden Centre Shopping)

Updated 12th April 2018, the new website is looking great guys, I like the new focus on patio furniture, and I wish you all the best over the next year. “Earlier this week in February 2018 Garden Centre Shopping, a website where you can buy outdoor furniture, published news of their brand new rocking recliners that are available this spring and summer.” With the rocking and reclining functions it allows for both comfortable and stable enjoyment of your outdoor space. Learn more about the eco benefits of a weatherproof garden love seat here.

They went into great detail about how the newly formed reclining mechanism is both durable and weatherproof, because of the use of aluminium in the mechanism which emulates the hydraulic pressure engineering components.

The upgrade of these sets in this way will enable the majority of UK consumers to use these both outside in their gardens and within their conservatories or indoor rooms, making them more flexible than comparable options are. From my last check I noticed that cushions were included, which is useful because sometimes it can hurt when sitting for long periods. Also the high backed chairs will benefit those with a bad back.

Other News for 2018

15th Feb – General Meeting of Linlithgow Climate Challenge. Low Port Centre. 7:30pm. All welcome.
20th Feb Local Food – A debate / A Discussion. Low Port Centre.
26th/27th Feb Nourish – Scotland’s Sustainable Food Network – Meeting in Stirling. More Details
15th Mar – General Meeting of Linlithgow Climate Challenge. Low Port Centre. 7:30pm. All welcome.
27th Mar – EARTH HOUR 8:30pm
19th April – General Meeting of Linlithgow Climate Challenge. Low Port Centre. 7:30pm. All welcome.
24th April – Linlithgow Spring Clean – Burgh Beautiful & WLS NETS Team, Historic Scotland Peel Rangers. Details to follow.
8th May Energy Showcase – Energy Saving and Renewable Energy event. Come along and learn more. St. Michaels Kirk Hall

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Latest News Snippets

With a high demand for the free Energy Monitors that you can borrow from the library, we’ve increased their stock to reduce waiting times. So pop along to the library and borrow a meter and a good book.

We’ve started to support blogs on this website for members to use if they wish. These blogs are the views of the individuals who write them and not the views of Linlithgow Climate Challenge per say. We respect that there are a diversity of opinions out there, and we welcome people finding their own feet on a range of issues from Composting to Flying, from Cycling to Solar Panels, etc. Comments have been enabled but only for members with access to the website.

Batteries can now be taken at the Community Recycling Centre in Linlithgow and also Tescos. This is new European Law which wants to stop all those metals leaking into the soils in land fill sites. At last something good from the EU !…

Fantastic hands-on apple tree pruning, organised to help restore and existing orchard, and to increase community skills.

We are looking for a few more homes to participate in a Food Waste research project called Kitchen Canny. If you would like to sign up, please Click here.


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