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Oversized and Cashmere Scarves for Women

Winter is coming, and with it, a change in fashion. The short, light, and delicate are on their way out for the season and must be replaced by something that will not only keep you warm, but look great doing it. Don’t be tempted to hang on to summer fashions through the colder months, thinking it will make you look bright and sunny – you’ll just look like you’re freezing!

Instead, embrace the season, take in the rich colours, the cosy, heavier fabrics and, if our advice means anything to you, a generous hug of a scarf. The bigger, the better. After all, of all the winter accessories, the scarf is perhaps the most versatile and fashion-signalling of all of them.

Oversized scarves, often called ‘blanket scarves,’ should be an almost ludicrous size. It should look almost – almost – like you’ve taken your favourite blanket from the bed and wrapped it around you to go out. Choose a great-looking option and they won’t look at you like you’re freezing, they’ll look at you and wonder where you found that wonderful thing.

Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs, oversized scarves allow you to look great and to adjust to the varying needs of the day. Changes in temperature, wind and even going back and forth – indoors, outdoors, indoors, outdoors – a scarf can handle them all and deliver the right amount of comfort, while looking great.

Have a look at a few of our favourites from Holzweiler, ASOS and more.

Checkered Blanket Scarf

Feel like something bolder today? Red is always a hot colour in the colder months, and this offering from Warehouse will take a neutral or dark coat and add a flash of daring and style.

Fancy Leopard Scarf

Want to warm up winter with a touch of Africa? Why not? This animal print is in faux fur of 100% super-soft acrylic, so the animals are happy and so are you.

Choose a Large 2 Toned Woolen Scarf

A simple two-toned stripe is stylish and understated at once. Soft pastel hues in 100% wool keep you warm and comfortable, looking and feeling great. Check out this and the Other Stories option.

Off-White Fringed and Checkered Scarf

Class-up a bright coat, or maintain a chic monotone theme with this triple check in neutral tones. Black, white and grey set off the Off-White logo and its twist fringing at the trim shows off the quality of this understated piece.

Sparkly Lightning Cashmere Scarf

Spark up your day with this John Lewis & Partners pure cashmere scarf with lightning bolts. Obvious softness and luxury, touched with a bit of fun and whimsy mark this excellent scarf as a quality accessory.

Knitted Scarf

Mango have come up with this houndstooth design in two-tone red and brown, and we think it brings a bit of the posh countryside to your look. Its acrylic blend is both warm and durable too, to it will hold up to where you take it, city or country.

Knitted Stripe Scarf

This scarf takes over-sized to a new level, super-long yet generously wide, its multi-coloured block design makes a bold statement, from one tasselled end to the other.

Merino Longer Scarf Red & Pink

You’ll forget it’s even cold outside from amidst this soft merino wrap. In either pink and red or black marl and silver, this ribbed scarf will add drama to your look while enveloping you in luxurious comfort.

Brushed and Checkered Scarf

With a design of pink, mustard, white and black stripes, this Warehouse scarf will add to the colour of almost any coat or outer layer. Oversized tassel ends add interest and unique style to this piece.

H&M Checkered Scarf

Light grey, cream and red checks cover this large scarf from H&M. 100% acrylic, and with fine details like fringing, it looks great from afar and from close up too.

Cozy Striped Scarf

Anthropologie’s acrylic blanket scarf is a great choice too, with stripes and sophisticated design from fringe to fringe.

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Is There a Difference Between Welding and Metal Fabrication and Which is Best for the Environment?

In short, the answer is yes, and maybe.

Is there a difference in the process?

Though welding is one possible component of fabrication, fabrication entails several more processes, including welding. Fabrication is the process of making an item or project out of metal. This can include welding on a given project, but it might not. It often includes several other processes as well. Fabrication includes the whole process, from planning, laying out the designs, forming and finishing the project – including final paint and decoration in many cases.

Welding itself is the process or joining two pieces of ‘weld-able’ material together. The materials can be glass, metal or thermoplastics.

In a practical sense, most welders can fabricate, and most fabricators can weld. It is more a question of specialisation than of basic ability. Learn more about what metal fabrication is here.

What Key Tools do Fabricators Use?

Common tools used in the fabrication trade include abrasives, welding clamps, hand files, chipping hammers, soapstone, electrode holders, tungsten inert gas (TIG) consumables, adjustable wrenches, benders, consumable electrodes, cylinders with custom carts, vices and vice grips – and more!

Both fabricators and welders use similar cleaning supplies and tools, including organic solvent (like acetone or a mild alkaline solution, or a citrus-based degreaser without butoxyethanol), wire brushes, etc. Safety is, as always, very important. Not only is a welder or fabricator using high heat, electricity, and other potentially harmful effects, but the cleaners and solvents themselves can cause breathing and liver problems if proper protection is not used.

How are they manufactured differently?

Welding and sheet metal fabrication are often closely partnered on a project – often the same person does both, especially for smaller jobs and shops. Both trades use bending and assembling regularly, though fabrication can use a broader range of techniques as well. Welding can use oxy acetylene, TIG (the most common form in fab shops), and gas metal arc (GMAW) welding, whereas sheet metal fabrication can also use roll forming, hydroforming, stretching, shrinking, stamping, die cutting, spinning and finishing.

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Natural Vitamins for Hair Growth that are Environmentally Friendly

Hair is viewed by A lot of men and women as a indication of beauty or health.

As with any other part of the body, hair requires an assortment of nutrients to be healthy and develop.

In reality deficiencies are connected to baldness.

While hair growth is also affected by variables like genetics, age and hormones nutrient intake is essential.

Below are 3 additional nutrients which could be significant for hair development and 5 vitamins.

All cells require vitamin A for expansion. Including the tissue in the body, hair.

Sebum hydrates the scalp and helps keep hair healthy.

Diets deficient in vitamin A can lead to a number of issues, including baldness.

Even though It is important to get enough vitamin A much may be harmful. Studies indicate that an overdose of vitamin A may also result in hair loss.

Kale, carrots, pumpkins, spinach and potatoes are saturated in beta-carotene, which can be turned into vitamin A.

Vitamin A may be present in animal products like eggs, milk and yogurt. Cod liver oil is also a source that is good.

Bottom Line: Your hair requires vitamin A to remain moisturized and develop. Sources include spinach, carrots, potatoes, kale and a few animal foods. B-Vitamins

Among the vitamins for hair development is a biotin.

Studies link biotin deficiency with baldness in humans.

Although biotin is employed as an alternate therapy that is hair-loss possess the best outcomes.

Since it happens in a broad assortment of foods, But, deficiency is quite rare.

There is also a shortage of information about whether vitamin supplements is successful for hair development in people that are healthy.

Additional Aid produce red blood cells, which carry oxygen and nourishment to the hair and scalp follicles. These procedures are very important to hair development.

You are able to get B-vitamins from foods.

Animal foods are the only sources of vitamin B12. Therefore, if you are following a vegan or vegetarian diet, consider taking a supplement. You can find more vitamins for hair growth here.

Bottom Line: B-vitamins help carry oxygen and nourishment into your scalp, which assists in hair development. Seafood, meat, whole grains and dark greens are good sources of B-vitamins.

Free radical damage cause your hair and can obstruct expansion.

Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant which helps protect against the oxidative stress brought on by free radicals.

Additionally, your body requires vitamin C to make a protein an significant part hair construction.

Vitamin C helps the human body absorb iron, a nutrient necessary for hair development.

  • Strawberries, peppers, guavas and citrus
  • Sources include citrus fruits, peppers and berries.

Low levels of vitamin vitamin D are connected to alopecia, a specialized term for baldness.

Research also demonstrates that vitamin D might help produce new follicles — the follicles in the scalp at which fresh hair may develop.

Vitamin Most study concentrates on vitamin D receptors, although D is considered to play a part in hair manufacturing. The job of vitamin D in hair development is unknown.

Nevertheless, most folks do not acquire sufficient vitamin D and it might still be a fantastic idea to raise your intake.

Vitamin D is produced by your body via direct contact with the beams of the sun. Great dietary sources of Vitamin D include fatty fish, cod liver oil, several mushrooms and fortified foods.

Bottom Line: Vitamin D real role in hair development isn’t known, but one kind of baldness is connected to deficiencies. You are able to boost vitamin D levels or simply by eating particular foods.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant which may prevent stress.

The placebo group had just a 0.1% growth.

Sunflower seeds, seeds, spinach and avocados are good sources of vitamin E.
Dietary sources include avocados, almonds, spinach and citrus seeds. Iron

Iron helps red blood cells carry oxygen. This makes it an essential nutrient for many physiological functions.

Is a reason for hair loss.

Bottom Line: Iron deficiency is a significant cause of hair loss, particularly in girls. The best sources of iron include oysters, clams, eggs, red meat, spinach and legumes. Zinc

Zinc plays a significant role in repair and hair growth. Additionally, it can help maintain the oil glands around the pores functioning.

There are a few reports that supplementing with large of a dose may result in hair loss.

For This reason, it might be better to get your zinc from foods that are whole.

Bottom Line: The mineral zinc may boost hair growth in people that are deficient in it. Excellent sources include beef, poultry and pumpkin seeds. Protein

Hair is made almost completely of protein. Consuming sufficient is very important to hair development.

But protein deficiency is rare in Western nations.

Bottom Line: Eating enough protein is very important to hair growth, even though a protein deficiency is uncommon in Western countries nowadays.

If You Require a Hair Supplement?

Food is your source.

If you are not able to have enough in your diet, supplements may be useful.

According to study, nutritional supplements work best in people that are currently deficient.

Furthermore, If you are not deficient, Huge doses of vitamins and minerals can be detrimental. Work with a physician.

In the day’s end, the very best way Is by eating a balanced diet, genuine food-based diet which includes lots of Spicy foods.

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How to Pass the 11+ Grammar School Entrance Paper

An 11 plus test paper shouldn’t be laughed at, they are seriously difficult tests, particularly for children, that are required to be passed to enter a grammar school in the United Kingdom.

The Grammar School Debate

There has been much debate over the last few years about whether grammar schools should even still be around, and an obvious historical record of them causing segregation in the UK, but they are still prevalent and provide an excellent quality of education, in an environment of competitiveness that can keep your children honed and ready for challenges to come.

So you must prepare your child to pass the 11 plus exam, but how is best to do that?

Well I recommend this 4 part step by step approach to making sure your child is ready for the 11 plus:

  1. Prepare in advance – this is important to avoid putting pressure on your child, as you want them to become familiar with the topics at their own pace.
  2. Keep motivation high – you want this to almost be a fun process, to ensure that they keep at it and don’t stall part way through. This can be done through any reinforcement techniques.
  3. Use test papers – using practice papers for the 11+ will help your child become very well versed at the way the exam operates.
  4. Use mock exams – mock exams for the 11+ allow your child to get a feel as to what it will really be like in the exam conditions, as well as correct timings for questions.

Using 11 Plus Practice Papers

During your practice I recommend using question and answer sheet techniques, such as using practice papers from 11 Plus Leap which can really help your child to become accustomed to the exam conditions.

It has been clearly shown that using practice exam papers helps children perform better on the final grammar school exam, which makes them a very worthwhile investment for you and your children.

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Weatherproof Garden Love Seat That’s Better For The Environment

Blue Winawood Love Seat
Blue Winawood Love Seat

You can see this Blue Winawood love seat on here.

I’ve seen this new product called Winawood, and I particularly like the love seat shown above, but I’m properly impressed with the fact that it isn’t made of real wood. As you may know, the wooden furniture industry is responsible partially for the loss of trees and forests around the world, including many habitats that are no longer available for the local wildlife that may become extinct as a result. So it’s brilliant to see a more sustainable, man made solution to this, with a wood-effect material that’s composite instead. The colours available also make it a brilliant option if you have a brighter outdoor area.

You can learn more about this topic at the following links: