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How to Pass the 11+ Grammar School Entrance Paper

An 11 plus test paper shouldn’t be laughed at, they are seriously difficult tests, particularly for children, that are required to be passed to enter a grammar school in the United Kingdom.

The Grammar School Debate

There has been much debate over the last few years about whether grammar schools should even still be around, and an obvious historical record of them causing segregation in the UK, but they are still prevalent and provide an excellent quality of education, in an environment of competitiveness that can keep your children honed and ready for challenges to come.

So you must prepare your child to pass the 11 plus exam, but how is best to do that?

Well I recommend this 4 part step by step approach to making sure your child is ready for the 11 plus:

  1. Prepare in advance – this is important to avoid putting pressure on your child, as you want them to become familiar with the topics at their own pace.
  2. Keep motivation high – you want this to almost be a fun process, to ensure that they keep at it and don’t stall part way through. This can be done through any reinforcement techniques.
  3. Use test papers – using practice papers for the 11+ will help your child become very well versed at the way the exam operates.
  4. Use mock exams – mock exams for the 11+ allow your child to get a feel as to what it will really be like in the exam conditions, as well as correct timings for questions.

Using 11 Plus Practice Papers

During your practice I recommend using question and answer sheet techniques, such as using practice papers from 11 Plus Leap which can really help your child to become accustomed to the exam conditions.

It has been clearly shown that using practice exam papers helps children perform better on the final grammar school exam, which makes them a very worthwhile investment for you and your children.

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