General FAQ
Q. What can I do to help reduce my carbon footprint ?
A. Check out the Getting Started section of the website. It has links to some on-line videos, and also carbon calculators for you to estimate how much CO2 your household generates. The UK average is about 10-12 tonnes of CO2 per year. From there you can look at the BBC Bloom website for an excellent list of actions to take.

Q. What are greenhouse gases ?
A. www.ghgonline.org is an excellent website by local lad, Dave Reay, Senior Lecturer on the Carbon Management MSc at Edin Uni., It explains all about the greenhouses gases and not just CO2 as many people focus on Carbon Dioxide, and in actual fact we need to look at Methane (CH4) and more potent gases too, like CFC’s in fridges.

Q. Can I join or help Linlithgow Climate Challenge, and what if I live outside Linlithgow ?
A. Anyone from the town or surrounding districts is welcome to join our community group. We have a wide range of active sub-groups, so if you are interested in anything like : reducing bills by saving energy, growing veg, recycling, renewables, campaigning or many other green topics, just click on the Contact button on the menu, and let us know who you are and what you are interested in.

Q. Could someone do a Home Energy Assessment for me ?
A. Please contact us using the form above, and we will arrange to visit and review options to improve your carbon footprint.

Q. What is currently going on in Linlithgow to reduce C02 and increase local awareness of Climate Change ?
A. We have a permanent Local Action page on this very topic.

Q. Is the group affiliated to any political party or campaigning organisation ?
A. No. We strive to be independent at all times. We are a not-for-profit community group with a constitution and nominal membership (£1). Anyone can participate but we ask that only members can vote at AGM’s or make edits to the website.

Q. How much CO2 is being produced by Linlithgow right now ?
A. We are working to get this answer for you. It’s approximately 150,000-200,000 tonnes per year. More accurate figures to follow.

Q. How big is 12 tonnes of C02 ?
A. On average, a UK citizen produces about 12 tonnes per year. That’s like a 1 meter Square column but extending 7km into the air ! – Or to look at it another way, In one year the population of UK produces enough CO2 to cover the entire UK with a blanket about 2 meters thick.

Topic Specific FAQ’s
Energy Saving:
Q. How much loft insulation should I have ?
A. New Building Standards recommend 270mm (10.5″) of insulation.

Q. What is an Energy Monitor ?
A. These are small boxes that display how much electricity you are using and are easier to see changes in consumption when you turn things on and off. We have provided Energy Monitors at the library which you are welcome to borrow for free for up to 3 weeks. Please complete a feedback form when you use it. Smart Meters are different. They are replacements for your existing electricity/gas meters and will be read automatically by your energy provider. Some will also have remote displays which will show you consumption rates etc. There is a plan to upgrade all meters in the UK to Smart meters but this will take years.

Q. Can I find out how efficient my existing boiler is ?
A. Visit www.sedbuk.com This website has a list of oil/gas & LPG boilers and shows their efficiency rating.

Q. How can I lower my car fuel bills ?
A. Take a look at the AA Drive Smart advice. Remove Roof Racks, Reduce your use of Air Conditioning, Drop your speed to 60mph on motorway, empty the boot, Keep tyres properly inflated to the right pressure, car share with others, or better still, take public transport, cycle or walk on selected journeys.

Waste & Recycling
Q. Where can I recycle my waste in Linlithgow ?
A.. Use Sort It to find local recycling centres, chairty shops and bins at supermarkets etc. Simply enter your postcode, or select the type of item you want to recycle and your local authority. Here are some examples.

Car Batteries : Community Recycling Centre (CRC)
Small Batteries : Tesco’s or the CRC.
Clothes : Local Charity shops and clothing bins at Sainsburys, Regent Centre and CRC.
Toys : Local Charity Shops
Furniture and other good quality/free items : Freecycle Linlithgow
Plastic : Type 1 and Type 2 can go in your blue bin.
Tin Cans & Drinks Cartons : your blue bin.
Vegetable Food Waste : This is best composted and not put in brown bins. We have a local Master Composter who can give advice if required.
Paper and Cardboard : Blue bin
Metal : CRC or local Metal merchants – check your telephone book.
Large Objects : Phone the council. They will advise on a collection service.

But best of all is to try to avoid waste. As much of it ends up in landfil where it turns into Methane gas which is 21 times worse than CO2.

Q. Can I recycle Tetra-Pak in my Blue Bin ?
A. Yes – West Lothian Council say that you can now add these cartons, but give them a quick rinse.

Q. I’d like to grow my own veg., but don’t know how to start.
A. If you want to use your own garden, then there are several people in the Linlithgow Climate Challenge group who would be happy to give advice. If you’ld like to apply for an allotment plot, then we have a local allotments group LADAS that are working with the Council to find suitable land.

Q. Where can I buy local food ?
A. See our Food website www.linlithgrow.org.uk – there’s lots of links on that website.

Q. Where do I find information about buses or trains going to/from Linlithgow ?
A. Start with linlithgow.com which has a list of bus companies, train operators, taxis, etc.

Jamie Turner

Environment and Garden Activist at Linlithgow Climate Challenge
I focus on improving the local environment.
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